There is a saying that reads “Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring.” 

But as for you , that doesn't count , you are far far away from home , 

Good thing is,  you have options , what do you want to do ? 


Q) I need to complain about something

A) If you think someone is screwing around our network , let us know on >> abuse (at) webcentral (dot) co (dot) za 


Q) I need to report something 

A) Same answer as the question above (if you failed to figure it out the first time) 


Q) I need help 

A) There is not much help here , but we can try and send you in the right direction . Contact >>  help (at) webcentral (dot) co (dot) za


Q) Why is this page here 

A) No good reason , we just "felt like it" 


Q) I'm bored  , what can i do while i'm here ? 

A) We recommend watching cat videos on the internet, although not much productivity will be achieved there , there is a high chance of visiting the emergency room with severe case of asphyxiation . , what do you expect ? here is the link        /watch?v=sAn7baRbhx4